Harlequin News 2013 is out now

Friday 1st March 2013
Here's the latest edition of our newsletter - Harlequin News.Features include:

  • The Big Dance 2012.
  • Grand opening of West London Dance.
  • Birmingham Hippodrome stage refurbishment.
  • Redevelopment of Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.
  • Harlequin Hi-Shine at The Young Vic for 'Feast'.
  • Universal Ballet travels the world on Harlequin.
  • The Australian Dance Awards 2012.
  • Scholarship awarded at the Prix de Lausanne 2013.
  • IADMS 22nd annual meeting.
  • NIDMS post-launch update.
  • Renton Dance Studio and their Harlequin floor.
  • New Harlequin Vitality - available in a handy pack!
  • New website launched.
  • RIBA CPD is now online.