Harlequin Floors opens new office in Berlin, Germany

Friday 30th August 2013
Harlequin Floors, world leaders in floors for dance and the performing arts, announce the opening of a new office in Berlin at the beginning of September. 

The new office will oversee Harlequin Floor’s German, Austrian and Swiss sales operations and will be headed by Dirk Rüter, who has managed the German speaking market 
segment for the past three years from the company’s Luxembourg and London offices. 

Harlequin Floors Group Managing Director, Guy Dagger explained the strategy behind the incorporation of Harlequin Germany GmbH and the opening of a Berlin office, 
“The German speaking market, with its unique culture of dance and theatre, has become an increasingly strong market for Harlequin Floors over the past years and we hope 
to reach an even wider customer base with our high quality floors manufactured under the Harlequin brand” 

The Harlequin name is of course familiar to dance companies and dance schools around the world. Within the global dance community, Harlequin is respected for 
investment in supporting research leading to the development of advances in dance surfaces and sprung sub floors. Modern dance floors are contributing to reducing injuries 
and boosting dancers’ confidence. With more than 30 years’ experience in producing world leading floors for performance, Harlequin provides sprung floors for permanent or 
temporary installation, roll out and permanent vinyl floors.

Harlequin’s popular floors for display are being increasingly used for major television productions and events, to add colour, gloss and sparkle to the set. 
Harlequin also builds and installs custom designed floors for theatres, performing arts centres and cruise ships.

Photo: Dirk Rüter - General Manger, Harlequin Deutschland GmbH