Harlequin Stage & Theatre Flooring

Harlequin’s expert stage building and theatre flooring teams work alongside architects and stage consultants to design, build and install performance spaces.

Backed by an engineering team and independent research, Harlequin has over 40 years’ experience building stages and theatre floors for the performing arts, combining traditional stage floor construction skills using natural materials with advances in engineered flooring products and components to meet the most demanding specifications. Each venue is different – Harlequin’s bespoke stage building and theatre flooring service will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Harlequin BLOC Stage System

bloc stage floor.jpg - Professional Sprung & Vinyl Dance Floors | Harlequin Floors

A new concept in stage construction designed to enable contemporary performance spaces to easily accommodate multiple artistic disciplines, Harlequin BLOC is a high-quality flexible modular stage floor system that allows custom sizing and shaping for all technical requirements.

Premium grade composite panels are manufactured off-site and then fixed to the stage structure, radically reducing the time required on-site compared to traditional stage building. The bespoke stage deck panels are prefabricated from CAD plans using the latest CNC technology which enables highly accurate machining of panels to create a flexible modular system with custom features such as traps and technical access points.

The stage construction process can then be finished with any Harlequin performance surface to fit the needs of the venue.

Harlequin BLOC has recently been installed in The State Opera of Prague one of the three main opera houses in the Czech capital.

Harlequin Rocksure

Rocksure Exploded v2 - Professional Sprung & Vinyl Dance Floors | Harlequin Floors

Harlequin Rocksure is an extremely tough, easily managed polymer composite stage surface.

Harlequin Rocksure can be installed by Harlequin’s highly-skilled technical teams on both new stage builds and as a stage refurbishment where it provides an attractive matt black alternative to Harlequin’s more traditional stage surfaces such as wood, a painted “sacrificial” layer of hardboard or heavy-duty vinyl. It is also available for purchase by the sheet.

Harlequin Rocksure is available pre-drilled if required and can be worked with standard woodworking tools.