Esplanade Theatre

Harlequin Floors worked with DP Architects to install Harlequin Liberty portable sprung floor panels at the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore, which were customised to fit into the existing ballet wagon, which is stored horizontally below the stage and moved into place on a motorised track and elevator.

Six custom traps were manufactured on site and installed within the Harlequin Liberty panels on the wagon. Extra Harlequin Liberty panels were supplied for an infill area to extend the performance area downstage.

Harlequin Cascade was supplied for use as a roll-out vinyl surface finish. Additional reinforced Harlequin Liberty panels were supplied to be used as replacements in the ballet wagon, when required, to withstand heavy scenery loadings.

In total, two areas were covered totalling 379m². (18.98m x 17.48m and 19.98m x 2.49m).