Posted 31 August 2021 in News

La Bella Otero

Spain's Carmen has been immortalized in a new ballet

Posted 27 July 2021 in News

City Contemporary Dance Company’s new studio in Tai Po

All of CCDC’s new studios are equipped with Harlequin Liberty sprung floor panels

Posted 15 June 2021 in News

How clean is your dance studio?

A clean studio is now more important than ever.

Posted 11 June 2021 in News

Harlequin’s contribution to the Netflix film Las niñas de cristal

The Spanish drama about a ballerina was filmed on Harlequin Reversible vinyl floor

Posted 11 May 2021 in News

Create the perfect outdoor performance space

What does it take to create a safe outdoor performance space?

Posted 29 April 2021 in News

International dance day 2021

Harlequin would like to wish all our global friends a happy international dance day!

Posted 31 March 2021 in News

World Theatre Day

To celebrate world theatre day, we look back at some of Harlequin’s stage building and refurbishment projects

Posted 20 January 2021 in News

Leap Of Dance Academy

The Leap of Dance Academy has brought ballet to children in a poor district in Africa's largest megacity, lagos, Nigeria.

Posted 20 January 2021 in News

The race to lift the glitterball trophy is finally upon us

The race to lift the glitterball trophy is finally upon us

Posted 20 November 2020 in News

Spanish Ministry of Culture honours Iratxe Ansa

The choreorapher and dancers received a prize in the National Dance Awards 2020