Wood Dance Floors

Harlequin Engineered Wood Dance Floors

Harlequin offer a range of engineered wood dance surfaces which can be used with a Harlequin sprung floor instead of a Harlequin vinyl performance surface.. Engineered wood is hard wearing, relatively easy to install and less prone to movement with changes in temperature and humidity. It is suitable for many dance styles. Our standard range includes beech, maple and oak, a bespoke range is also available to order.

Harlequin Solid Hardwood Dance Floors

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, Harlequin also offer a range of solid hardwood dance surfaces for use with a Harlequin sprung floor. A wide range of colours and finishes are available to order.

The Harlequin Range of Sprung Wooden Dance Floors

Often referred to as a ‘wood dance floor’ or as a ‘floating floor system’, a sprung floor is a floor that provides some degree of bounce and flexes under impact. Performers need a sprung floor to absorb the shock of repeated impact to their joints and to reduce injury from falls. Harlequin has a range of wooden sprung floors available. The more traditional options provide spring through bending woven wooden battens, whilst the more modern options use foam or elastomer pads.

Harlequin has led the way in developing and evolving the modern dance floor and has been involved with extensive research into reducing dancer injury.

Professional dancers can spend six to eight hours a day working in a dance studio and are continually jumping, leaping and lifting. The quality of the dance floor makes an important contribution to the safe performance of a dancer, reducing the risk of long-term stress injuries to joints and muscles.

Harlequin’s wide range of sprung wooden dance floors means that whether you are looking for a permanent or portable sprung wood floor for dance, theatre event or TV/film, we have a world-class floor that is perfect for you. Used by leading performers and the world’s most prestigious dance and performing arts companies, each of Harlequin’s floors is different.

Our Harlequin WoodSpring floor, for example, is a premium floor and the industry standard for permanent installations – a modern update of the traditional ‘basket weave’ construction.

Harlequin Activity, on the other hand, uses our proprietary ‘triple-sandwich’ construction method established over 30 years ago to create a ‘fully-floating’ floor that provides excellent shock-dampening – without a trampoline effect.

If you are looking for a floor that is ideal for touring, Harlequin Liberty is easy to transport, store and install with our ‘one turn of the key’ latch and lock mechanism. A modular wood performance floor, it can also be easily stored in carts, giving stage crews a safe and easy way to transport the panels around.

Whichever you choose, our installation options mean it can either be installed by Harlequin’s expert technical installation teams or self-installed if this is required.

Ordering Wood Dance Flooring

Browse our range of wood dance floors to find out more information about the unique qualities of each floor and the customisation options available. If you would like to discuss placing an order or would like to discuss a project, submit your enquiry or contact our team on +852 254 11 666 and we’d be more than happy to assist you.