Printed Vinyl Flooring

Have you ever thought of having a totally unique floor for your production, event or display?

Whether you choose your company logo or have a particular design in mind, Harlequin’s printing service will add an exciting new dimension to your Harlequin floor.

A printed finish is available on Harlequin Cascade, Harlequin Clarity, Harlequin Reversible or Harlequin Reversible Pro vinyl floors. You can have a completely bespoke design or select one of our standard patterns or images.

Harlequin Clarity is specifically designed for reverse printing. The printed design is on the underside of the floor and so protected from wear and damage.

  • Colour matching available
  • Eco-friendly, solvent-free UV cured inks mean very rapid drying times
  • Excellent ink adhesion to the substrate gives a durable, abrasion resistant surface
  • The fire rating of the Harlequin floor is unaffected
  • Harlequin Clarity fire rating Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)