Cavan Conley's Harlequin tour

26th June 2020

Cavan Conley, soloist of the San Francisco Ballet, takes his Harlequin vinyl mat on a stunning tour through the city, beautifully illustrating that with a Harlequin practice mat, you can dance anywhere!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many dancers across the globe have been unable to access their usual rehearsal rooms and have relied on Harlequin equipment when setting up their own little dance studios at home, in the garden or anywhere else.

At Harlequin, we take pride in our products and we are so pleased to see that Cavan is happy with his Harlequin practice mat. Our thanks go out to him for sharing his amazing video with us and for mentioning us in the credits.

Danced and Produced by: Cavan Conley
Music Composition by: Mark Conley
Choreography by: Myles Thatcher
Director of Photography: Alexander Reneff-Olson
Music Director: Martin West
Trumpet: Joseph Brown
Oboe: Laura Griffiths
Double Bass: Jonathan Lancelle
Camera Assistant: Valentina Reneff-Olson
Film Coordinator: Elizabeth Mateer