Eventim Apollo’s full stage refurbishment with Harlequin Standfast

23rd February 2022

Last year the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith went through a complete stage refurbishment plus additional custom stage building with Harlequin floors.

The Eventim Apollo, formerly the Hammersmith Apollo, is one of the UK’s largest original theatres. It first opened in 1932, designed by architect Robert Cromie, and is one of London’s major live entertainment venues.

The Apollo has seen some of the finest live entertainers on stage including The Beatles, Sir Elton John and Kylie Minogue.

Harlequin removed the old vinyl, plywood and original hardwood stage surface. Then the old electrical wiring, and Victorian water pipes that were no longer in use had to be taken out before the installation could commence.

A liquid damp proof membrane was applied and layers of fire-retardant ply were placed around the metal conduits that could not be removed. The battens were laid to a laser level to ensure a flat surface and had acoustic isolation pads attached at predetermined centres.

The stairs to both sides of the stage were custom-made to keep the tread distance the same and to make sure the height matched.

The stage surface was finished with a black Harlequin Standfast performance floor, intended for permanent installation. With a slip-resistant surface, Standfast is suitable for multi-purpose and heavy-duty use.

Harlequin also installed a 50mm strip of white vinyl along the downstage edge of the stage to ensure the safety of the performers as they could see the end of the stage during shows. This was not visible to the audience.

 “With such a busy and varied schedule, it was vital for us that we upgraded our stage to the best industry standard. It’s great to know that we now have a stage protected and prepared for the next generation of shows and events here at the Eventim Apollo”.

Josh Clague, Production Manager

Harlequin Standfast is suitable for ballet, contemporary, modern, percussive dance including flamenco, Irish and tap, multi-purpose use, hip-hop, jazz, street, aerobics, zumba, television, theatre and for operatic performances.

Complete stage refurbishment with black Harlequin Standfast vinyl

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