Tango on Harlequin Cascade

2nd July 2019

“VIDA!” the sensational new dance show from world-renowned Tango artists Nicole Nau and Luis Pereyra premieres in Vienna on October 3rd, 2019.

Accompanied by live musicians, the virtuoso couple bring their dazzling display of South American rhythms and brand new choreography to venues across Europe.

The exhilarating new production includes Argentine Tango dance forms the Zamba, Chacarera, Vidala and Malambo which the duo and their guest artists rehearse and tour on Harlequin Cascade vinyl performance floor.

The company selected a black Harlequin Cascade vinyl dance surface for the 40 performances of the European tour to ensure all performers have the safety and confidence necessary to deliver a perfect show.

Nicole Nau explains: “We are 100% committed to Harlequin Floors. Thanks to your dance vinyls we can work without any worries.”