Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

24th July 2018

The Harlequin floors are really lovely to dance on because they give you the support that you need for all the different moves you might be doing. It’s extremely important that the floors are of the best quality. First of all they need to have the right degree of spring in them, and that’s something that Harlequin are experts at. Secondly the actual surface has to be one that isn’t slippery and isn’t too sticky. So that’s Harlequin for us.

The floors have worn excellently, the quality is fantastic and they clean very well. Our floors are used not just by our students but external users such as dance companies, and the floors have been absolutely terrific for all of that time.

Harlequin is about top quality. The service is always very good so if ever we have had any call for advice to be sought, we always have somebody on the end of the phone. We would continue our relationship with Harlequin for those reasons.

When I hear the word Harlequin I think two things: I think of course dance floors, but I also think a committed partner. We have been very lucky to work with Harlequin over the years. We wanted the best dance floors, we demanded the best dance floors and Harlequin has supplied them and been a very good organisation to work with throughout that time.