World Theatre Day

31st March 2021

Since 1962, World Theatre Day has been celebrated on the 27th of March by ITI Centres, ITI Cooperating Members, theatre professionals, theatre organisations, theatre universities and theatre lovers all over the world. This day is a celebration for those who can see the value and importance of the art form “theatre”, and acts as a wake-up-call for governments, politicians and institutions which have not yet recognised its value to the people and to the individual, and have not yet realised its potential for economic growth.

To celebrate world theatre day, we look back at some of Harlequin’s stage building and refurbishment projects:

Harlequin’s stage building teams work alongside architects and stage consultants to design, build and install stages which are durable, easy to maintain and flexible enough to accommodate dip traps, orchestra pit fillers and ballet wagons.

Harlequin brings over 40 years’ experience specialising in building and refurbishing stages and floors for the performing arts. We combine traditional stage floor construction with advances in engineered flooring products and components to meet the most demanding stage specifications, and we cannot wait to continue providing this service once this crisis is over.

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