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Top 5 Christmas gifts for dancers

Look for inspiration this Christmas? Read our blog to find your gift ideas for dancer

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What is Contemporary Dance? Guide to Contemporary Dance

Find out more about contemporary dance and it's key features, how it started and more in Harlequin Floors' contemporary dance guide.

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Common Dance Injuries

No matter what style of dance you perform, dancing requires a great deal of flexibility, strength and stamina

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What Is A Sprung Dance Floor?

Take a look at our article to understand what sprung floors are and how they can help aid your performance

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Dance Floor Options

Sprung floor or vinyl? Discover which Harlequin dance floor is right for you with our dance floor options guide.

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Best Floor For Tap Dancing

Investing in the right flooring for your style of dance is important, particularly for the more unique demands of percussive dance styles such as tap.

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Popular Types of Dance

Find out more about the most popular types of dance, styles, forms and genres, their history and what makes each dance type different.