Seville’s Professional Dance Conservatoire “Antonio Ruiz Soler”

31st May 2022

The “Antonio Ruiz Soler” Conservatoire is located in Seville, one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Spain. It takes its name from the illustrious and world renowned Sevillian dancer, artistically known as ‘Antonio el Bailarín’, dancer, flamenco dancer, choreographer and artistic director.

This great historical, cultural and artistic legacy has developed over the centuries in Seville which is full of traditions and popular culture, giving it its own personality and making it a place where art thrives, especially artistic manifestations such as dance and music.

The main building, the Argentine Pavilion, is located very close to the historic centre of the city, close to the Torre del Oro, the Plaza de España and the Cathedral, and was built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition. This makes the conservatoire more than just a place of reference in dance training, it is also one of the most emblematic monuments in the city. The centre has a teaching team of 76 people, 28 dance studios and a theatre. It has recently been renovated with a Harlequin Flexity sprung dance floor together with a Harlequin Reversible/Reversible Pro multipurpose dance vinyl top surface.

Carmen Segura, director of the Conservatoire tells us: “Our dance education is organised into two stages. Firstly, we have basic education, aimed at girls and boys between eight and twelve years old, which consists of comprehensive training in all dance disciplines and professional education. Then after this, students specialise in one dance genre such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, Spanish dance or flamenco dance in which they will go on to embark on a professional career. Our centre is committed to all those facets that are not merely educational, promoting the opening of the conservatoire to the outside and committing ourselves to research and innovation. Currently, the Conservatoire has more than 700 students enrolled, being a pride for the management team to have contributed to the training of dancers of all dance specialties that have achieved national and international success.”