The Royal Danish Ballet tours Denmark for their Open-Air Royal Summer Ballet

23rd September 2022

The Royal Danish Ballet perform on Harlequin Liberty HD sprung floor and Harlequin Studio vinyl floor in their Open-Air Royal Summer Ballet 2022.

The Open-Air Royal Summer Ballet has become a tradition all over Denmark and this year the Royal Danish Ballet visited twelve cities including Odense and Rungstedlund to share some summer fun with free live ballet performances.

The Royal Summer Ballet started in 2006 and every year draws thousands of spectators out into the summer weather to see the ballet under the open sky.

“For over 14 years, the Royal Danish Ballet has used a standard stage floor for our outdoor ballet performances. In 2022, we invested in a Harlequin Liberty HD sprung floor with great success. The first comment from a ballet dancer was “look at how beautiful that floor is; even, level, flat!” Already after a few performances, the dancers could feel the difference in their bodies. In addition, the floor is almost silent when the dancers do their jumping and not least – easy to install.” – Administrative Director of the Royal Danish Ballet, Søren Normann Hansen

The Royal Danish Ballet danced on 150m2 of Harlequin Liberty HD sprung floor panels and used a Harlequin Liberty panel cart to allow safe storage and easy handling of the panels. The sprung floor was topped with a Harlequin Studio vinyl performance floor.

Harlequin has worked with the Royal Danish Opera and Ballet for the last 30 years.

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Royal Danish Ballet dancers: Emma Riis-Kofoed, Caroline Baldwin, Holly Dorger, Wilma Giglio, Stephanie Chen Gundorph, Silvia Selvini, Marina Minoiu, Alexander Bozinoff, Jonathan Chmelensky, Marcin Kupiñski, Sebastian Pico Haynes, Guilherme de Menezes and Mattia Santini.