Top 5 Christmas gifts for dancers

1st December 2022

Christmas is fast approaching and at Harlequin Floors we understand how difficult it can be to come to a decision on Christmas gifts for dancers.

It can be particularly hard to buy Christmas presents for dancers if you are not in the industry yourself, which is why we have put together our top 5 Christmas presents for dancers, from dance bags to a portable dance floor.

Whether you are buying Christmas gifts for dancers who are at the start of their journey, or are professional dance teachers with years of experience, we have the best present ideas for you.

1. Home ballet barre

There are hundreds of things to get dancers for Christmas, but a home ballet barre is particularly ideal.

Having a ballet barre at home is convenient, can save money on travel and offers dancers more opportunity to practice and train. You can be happy in the knowledge that your gift will be used time and time again, and will contribute to their development as a dancer!

Home ballet barres also make ideal Christmas gifts for dancers because there are several different types which means you can buy one that suits their situation the best:

  • Wall mounted ballet barres – Perhaps the most common of the ballet barres, wall mounted barres make great Christmas presents for dancers. Whether they are building a home studio or have their own dance school, wall mounted ballet barres are a staple of any training session so will be loved and appreciated by the recipient.
  • Floor mounted ballet barres – If you are looking for Christmas presents for dancers who have their own studios, you might consider floor mounted ballet barres. These barres can be secured to the floor which is perfect if their studio has mirrored walls as barres cannot be attached to the mirrors.
  • Freestanding and portable ballet barres – These ballet barres are lightweight and freestanding which means they can be moved around the house or studio easily. Freestanding Ballet Barres come in various sizes which means you can adapt your gift depending on how much available space they have.

2. Portable dance floor

If you are buying for a dancer, one of the best Christmas presents you could get is a portable dance floor. Different types of dance require different types of dance floor which is why it is important to carefully consider your options before buying.

Dance Mats come in a number of sizes and colours and are perfect for practicing many different types of dance such as contemporary, jazz or ballet. The mats usually roll up for storage and the better ones come with a handy travel bag for easy portability.


3. Dance tights

Dance tights are a staple for any dancer as they are used during training, rehearsals, auditions, performances and more!  In fact, they are so well used that dancers usually need to replace them multiple times a year. This is why dance tights are one of the most useful and appreciated Christmas gifts for dancers.

Dance tights come in a range of colours, materials and thickness, depending on what a dancer is using them for and what type of dance they do. For example, during training and rehearsals they may wear footless dance tights, but during performances wear full tights to complement their shoes.

4. Stretching bands

Stretching bands are fantastic Christmas presents for dancers because they enable dancers to train and work on resistance exercises at home.

The more time and space a dancer has to practice, the better which means home training equipment is a dancer’s dream! Stretching bands are compact so they do not take up much room and can be moved from place to place.

Stretching bands are available in different shapes, lengths, widths and materials depending on the requirements of the dancer. You could add a personal touch to your Christmas presents for dancers by getting their favourite colour, or stretching bands to match their training apparel.

5. Dance bag

Out of all the things to get dancers for Christmas, a dance bag tops the list. Dance bags are ideal for training, rehearsals, competitions and performances.

They can carry costumes, training equipment, shoes, make up, water and any other essentials. Dance bags can also stop costumes getting ruined by adverse weather and they keep everything in one place to reduce stress during competition season.

Dance bags make great Christmas gifts for dancers as they can be personalised to suit the person you are buying for. Whether they want a small, pink bag to carry their shoes or a large green bag for the training equipment, there are dance bags to suit every dancer!

There are so many things to get dancers for Christmas that they are guaranteed to love. From portable dance floors to stretching bands, we have shown you some of the best Christmas gifts for dancers that can be used over and over again for years to come.

At Harlequin Floors, we are proud to provide dancers with everything they need to forge a successful dance career, from Ballet Barres to Dance Mats.

We provide the highest quality dance products at affordable prices. If you have any questions or want to find out more about how we can help you with your Christmas gifts for dancers, contact us today.