Harlequin vinyl roll cart

The Harlequin vinyl roll cart is recommended for use if you wish to store or move rolls of Harlequin vinyl floor.


  • Available 1.5m or 2m versions for 4 or 6 rolls.
  • Constructed from black scratch-resistant, powder-coated steel.
  • Two handles are supplied with each cart to assist with loading and unloading and, when not in use, these locate on the end sections to help manoeuvre the cart itself.
  • The heavy gauge poles which support the rolls of flooring have special end fittings to locate them securely on the cart and a centre support to prevent bowing of the rolls.
  • Four heavy-duty swivel castors; with brakes and non-marking polyamide wheels.
  • A lockable tool box – ideal for keeping tools for cutting and fitting vinyl floors close to hand.
  • Pallet saddles for forklift guidance as the whole unit is designed to be be lifted.
  • Arrives flat-packed and can be assembled by one person.

Please note that all Harlequin vinyl floors (except Harlequin Allegro) with a roll length of up to 18 linear metres will fit the roll carts, however, the roll carts are primarily intended for up to 15 linear metre rolls of either Reversible or Reversible Pro.

Roll lengths that will fit the roll cart:

Product/Roll Length 10 Metre 15 Metre 20 Metre
Duo Pro
Studio X
Cascade X

Approximate weight of each roll:

Roll weight/length 10 Metre 15 Metre 20 Metre
Hi-Shine 30 kgs 45 kgs 60 kgs
Duo 32 kgs 48 kgs 64 kgs
Duo Pro 45 kgs 68 kgs 90 kgs
Studio 46 kgs 69 kgs X
Cascade 52 kgs 78 kgs X

If you have any questions about our new roll cart then please feel free to contact us.