Harlequin Fiesta vinyl performance floor

Harlequin Fiesta is a vinyl performance floor with a clear surface wear layer on top of an oak effect printed film. It looks exactly like a wood dance floor but avoids the cleaning and maintenance problems associated with traditional wooden floors.

Installation: Harlequin Fiesta is specified for permanent or temporary installation and is recommended for use in conjunction with a suitable Harlequin sprung floor. The joins are welded or taped to create a continuous performance surface.

Usage: Harlequin Fiesta is ideal for contemporary dance, ballroom, salsa, hip-hop, jazz, street and percussive dance styles (flamenco, Irish and tap). It is also widely used for aerobics and as a theatre floor.


Oak Strip Effect (261)
Oak Strip Effect (261)

Who performs on Harlequin Fiesta

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