Harlequin Liberty and Cascade universally praised by students of Renton Dance Studio!

Friday 22nd February 2013
Training at their studios in Farnborough Hampshire, dancers at The Renton Dance Studio

have seen success across the festival scene for many years. Almost 300 dancers age 2 to 18 take part in ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and musical theatre classes throughout the week meaning the doors are always open for business.

Standards have always been high and former student accolades range from performing in London's West End shows such as We Will Rock You, Oliver, Fame, The Lion King, Mamma Mia and Mary Poppins to securing placement at prestigious dance and theatre schools such as Rambert School of Ballet, Performers Dance College, Conti School of Performing Arts , Laine Theatre Arts and Bird College.

Today's students look set to continue in the footsteps of those before them with many performing in pantomime and others attending classes at The Royal Ballet and Central School of Ballet.

The Renton team also stage a biennial show of their own with the 2013 performance of 'The Adventures of Mary Poppins' opening mid February at The Camberley Theatre.

For over 25 years Principal Mrs Senta Renton has lead dance classes, recruiting teaching staff with a wide variety of expertise and background. Parental involvement is also key to success and Mrs Renton has been keen to support creation of the 'Friends of Renton Dance Studio' fundraising committee to assist in developing facilities whilst involving dancers' families in the school.

Recently the fundraising team installed a Harlequin Liberty Sprung dance floor into the main studio, transforming it into a professional facility and dramatically reducing the number of sprained ankles and knees. The Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor covering provides a perfect surface for dance and has been universally praised by the students!