Harlequin founder Bob Dagger turns 80 today

20th April 2020

In the 1970s, Bob Dagger founded Harlequin Floors in the United Kingdom.

Portrait photo of Bob Dagger, Harlequin Floors
Bob is still involved with Harlequin’s day to day business

As a handsome young man, Bob took the company from success to success. More than 40 years on, Harlequin has turned from a small British family business into a global operation with offices in Europe, the USA, Australia and of course Hong Kong.

Harlequin's Bob Dagger dressed as a dandy
Clark Gable who?

Keeping his mischievous, youthful spirit to this day, it is fair to describe Bob as a handsome young man with more experience. We’re very happy that even at 80, Bob is still involved in the company as our Chairman.

Bob, we wish you the happiest of birthdays!

Harlequin's Bob Dagger in costume and make up
Over the years, there have been many occasions to celebrate, some with elaborate costumes
Group photo with the Harlequin family
A small part of the Harlequin global family